PLEASE NOTE: Puppy school is currently suspended due to covid

Puppy Preschool provides a great tool in establishing excellent social behaviour in pups, as well as getting your pup off to a good start with obedience and basic training. It involves fun sociable times for your pup but also a good opportunity for you and your pup to bond. All family members are welcome at Puppy Preschool - the more the merrier!

We run Puppy Preschool on Tuesday Nights from 7:30pm-8:30pm. The program consists of 3 classes and is run by Robyn, one of our senior vet nurses with many years experience in running puppy school classes. Important aspects covered during Preschool include

- Socialisation with pups of all shapes and sizes
- Tips to make toilet training easy
- Basic commands such as sit/drop/stay
- Dietary recommendations
- Bathing and grooming information
- Importance of health care measures such as vaccinations and parasite control
- Desexing and microchip information


Your puppy is most impressionable between the age of eight and sixteen weeks, so it is during this time that we highly recommend enrolling in our Puppy Preschool program.

All puppies receive a puppy pack on their first day of Preschool, which contains product samples; information brochures; discount vouchers for microchipping and puppy Proheart injection; as well as a voucher for a free intestinal worming treatment.

New classes are starting regularly, so if you and your puppy are interested in coming along, please contact us at the clinic on 03 9873 1113.


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