The staff at Vermont Vet would like to know how well we are looking after you and your pets. Please take a few minutes to answer the survey below. Your participation is voluntary and your comments will remain anonymous if you choose. However, your responses will be helpful to our staff and allow us to improve our services, so we urge you to participate. Thank you for your assistance.

1) Are you the person primarily responsible for selecting veterinary services in your household? (please answer yes or no)

4) What is your gender?

6) Are you a breeder, groomer or trainer?

15) How good are we at meeting your needs and expectations? How satisfied are you with our services? Please rate our performance in the following areas by selecting from the drop down;

a) Courtesy in scheduling appointments

b) Receptionists telephone manner / friendliness

c) Convenience of opening hours and operation

d) Convenience of location

e) Cleanliness of waiting room / facility

f) Waiting time to see the doctor

g) Condition of equipment and facility

h) Veterinary surgeon's manner / friendliness

i) Veterinary surgeon's explanation of diagnosis and prognosis

j) Quality of medical care

k) Non-medical care and treatment of animal

l) Discharge and home care instructions

m) Availability of emergency services

n) Availability of educational programs and advice on care and treatment

o) Availability of ancillary services, such as boarding

p) Explanation of fees and / or estimates

q) Reputation of facility

20) How likely are you to use our services the next time you need veterinary care for your animal?

22) How likely are you to recommend our services to other animal owners?






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