Vermont Value Vet is a modern purpose built small animal veterinary hospital providing a premium service to pets in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The following services are available at the practice:

  Consultations Anaesthesia and Surgery
  Radiology and Ultrasonography Dentistry
  Laboratory Hospitalisation
  Veterinary Dispensary Senior Pet Health Screens
  Weight Clinics Insurance
  Food and Merchandise Charity Fundraising
  Parking Facilities  


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657 Canterbury Road,
Vermont Vic 3133
T 03 9873 1113
F 03 9873 1134

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clinic hours

Mon - Fri 9am - 7pm
Sat 9am - 1pm


Outside Clinic Hours
03 9803 8122
Animal Emergency Centre


We are able to provide a consultation service for all primary health problems for your pets.

We offer routine services such as vaccination, preventative health care for heartworm, flea and worm prevention, as well as advice and consultation on dental care, behavioural problems, skin problems, diet and grooming advice. We offer routine services such as microchipping.

We have separate dedicated consulting rooms for cats and dogs, and run by appointment, ensuring waiting times are kept to a minimum.

We always have a veterinary surgeon on premises, so if your pet needs immediate treatment we will always be able to see you during opening hours.

Our consulting hours are 8.30am - 7.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday, and 10am-12pm Sunday and selected public holidays.

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Anaesthesia and Surgery

At Vermont Value Vet we are able to provide a range of surgical procedures at the hospital, including routine desexings, surgery for cancer conditions, as well as more complex soft tissue and orthopaedic conditions. We have a separate dedicated surgical suite, awarding our facility hospital status.

We are able to tackle most surgical cases at Vermont, and for the more complex surgeries that we would normally refer, we have an experienced veterinary surgeon that we are able to call in if needed. This means that we are able to perform the more difficult surgeries in-house instead of referring them to the specialists.

We use the most up-to-date anaesthetic protocols, tailored to each individual patient. We are able to offer pre-anaesthetic blood tests to assess your petís health before surgery. We provide peri-operative and post-operative pain relief for all surgical cases, and intravenous fluid therapy where indicated.

We use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment during anaesthesia as standard, which monitors oxygen saturation via pulse oximetry, cardiac trace via ECG, blood pressure measurement, and computerized heart, pulse, and respiratory rates.

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Radiology and Ultrasonoghraphy

Full x-ray and ultrasound facilities are available at the surgery, with immediate results available. Our ultrasound is state-of-the-art, and is particularly useful in pregnancy diagnosis, examination of abdominal conditions, as well as assessment of heart disease.

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We are able to offer a full dental service, from consultation on preventative dental health care through to dental surgery under general anaesthesia. We have a dental base unit with high and low powered drill, and an IM-3 dental unit for routine descaling. We offer free dental checks for your pets every six months as an on-going preventative dental health care service.

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We have specific facilities to run blood and urine tests in-clinic. This allows us to obtain immediate results for certain disease conditions, resulting in swift diagnosis. For more complex pathology, we have access to ASAP Pathology Laboratory, providing same day results.

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 Veterinary Dispensary

We stock a wide range of non-prescription medical products at Vermont Value Vet, including various treatments for flea control, intestinal worming, and heartworm prevention. We also stock a wide range of skin and coat care products. For animals on long-term prescription medications, although we have most of these medications in stock, it is advised to give twenty-four hours notice to ensure these prescriptions can be filled. You are welcome to email the surgery on to request these prescriptions; alternately call the surgery on 9873 1113. All animals on long term prescription medications will require regular check ups as part of the on-going management of these chronic cases. The time interval for these check ups is often every six months.

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We are able to provide a hospitalisation service for your pet if medical conditions require this. For animals on permanent prescription medications, we are able to offer a hospitalisation service while you are on vacation. We have separate dog and cat wards on site.

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Senior Pet Health Screens

We are able to provide a senior pet health check up to assess your pet in their later years. We are able to offer a health screen that assesses blood pressure, and blood and urine tests that assess liver function, kidney function, thyroid function, and diabetes. We can assess arthritic conditions, and tailor management programs for specific diseases.

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Weight Clinics

We offer a weight clinic service on a monthly basis. If your pet is overweight we can offer a service including the use of a prescription weight reduction diet plus monthly weigh-ins till target weights are achieved. This ensures a healthier and fitter pet that is less prone to certain diseases.

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Food and Merchandise

We stock a wide range of premium pet foods, including Hills and Royal Canin, as well as a wide range of prescription pet foods. We also have a large supply of animal accessories and products available. Nadine is in charge of all merchandise at Vermont Value Vet and she will be able to find you what ever you need for your dog or cat.

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An increasing number of our clients are taking the opportunity to insure their petís health. The benefits are assurance that fees will be covered in the unfortunate event of your pet being ill or injured. It also means you are able to choose the best treatment options for your pet when required. We recommend Petplan insurance. Please contact the surgery if you require more information or are interested.

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Parking Facilities

We have ample parking facilities at the surgery, accessed via the entrance on Heatherdale Road.

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Charity Fundraising

We have nominated Hope Katalo Nursery School as Vermont Value Vet's human charity. We have held various open day events to raise money to assist this nursery school which as been set up for children in a Kenyan village.


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